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SkyNet Solutions Recycles Computers!

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SkyNet is now able to meet the specific needs that you, our customer have requested. It was brought to our attention that there is a need for a local place where people can drop off their old computers to be properly recycled. As of today, April 22nd and Earth Day, we will be launching our new Computer Recycling Program at SkyNet which will be helping to ensure proper recycling of old and unwanted computers that may otherwise end up in a landfill.

Since we are in the computer industry we felt it was our duty to be good stewards of this Earth and provide our community a place to repair and extend the life of their existing computer or properly recycle their computer. We will be providing a recycling service free of charge for all CPU’s and LCDs.

CRT monitors will also be accepted (the large ones that are heavy) for $10/monitor, the $10 charge is a Hazardous waste charge that we incur when recycling these monitors. Help us jump start this years Earth Day initiative by sharing this email with anyone that may have materials that meet this criteria and need to be recycled.

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