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Why is Social Media Important for Businesses?

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There are many reasons why a business should be actively using social media. In the modern age, your brand or business doesn’t really exist without having representation on social media. Social media accounts are FREE to start and can be leveraged to help meet and express the goals of your business. Every social media post you make is indexed resulting in consistently increased SEO. This can help boost web traffic to your primary sites and ultimately lead to brand awareness and increased sales. These are some of the reasons your web presence can suffer without a consistent social media presence:

Relationship Building

Interaction with customers is an important step in driving sales. Through social media, businesses can interact with their customer base, or potential customer base, in real time to help build lasting relationships. This can help humanize a business and drive sales by making the transaction more personal.

Immediate Conflict Resolution

With the evolution of social media customer service is more important than ever. If a customer is dissatisfied with your product or service they will now have a wide audience to voice their concerns to. This makes it more important than ever to ensure you are addressing concerns openly and honestly for the most beneficial outcome for both parties.

Brand Loyalty

A recent report published by Texas Tech University found that brands that actively maintain their social media profiles are more likely to have a loyal customer base. By actively engaging with your customer base on social media, you are more likely to build relationships with those people on an individual basis. This can make repeat customers more likely to utilize your products or services on a long-term basis.

Keeping Up With Competition

It is likely that your competition is actively utilizing social media. To help level the playing field, it is important to ensure you are also leveraging the currently digital market. If your competition is already establishing relationships with potential customers, it will be more difficult to catch up.

Finding New Customers

By utilizing keywords and hashtags, businesses can easily find potential customers they may have never knew existed. Leveraging the power of social media groups can also be a lucrative source of website traffic. Though this may not result in immediate sales, it lets customers know there are options in the future.

You can always call the experts at Skynet Solutions for help with your social media management or anything else you need to help make your business succeed. With our diverse range of skills and experience, we are sure to have the tools you need to make 2017 your business’ best year yet. You can fill out our contact form to get started today. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn!

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