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Start 2020 with a Social Media Audit


There’s no denying that social media still plays a pivotal role in the way businesses interact with and reach their customers. However, without the appropriate attention to detail, there’s a good chance that you aren’t getting the benefits associated with these platforms as you should. Once you have started implementing your social media strategies and have some reports available, the next step should be performing a social media audit.

A social media audit involves reviewing the past efforts of your social media accounts to determine what types of posts made the most impact and what can be done to improve the reach and engagement that your business receives. Unfortunately, audits can be time-consuming and may be a tedious process, particularly if you are looking at a whole year’s worth of data. However, this process is critical if you want to achieve success through these popular and free marketing channels.

Aside from reviewing the analytics of your target profiles, there are a few other steps that you will want to take to continue the momentum into the new year. This will often include checking your branding across all platforms for consistency and exploring new social media platforms that you may be able to branch out into easily. Identifying potential opportunities for growth and pursuing them can help ensure that you are not only keeping up with your competitors but that you are also reaching new customers that may not be found on your existing marketing channels.

In essence, a social media audit is an action plan that can help give a clear insight into where your business currently is and the plans required to help you reach your future goals and continue to grow. Without investing time into this crucial marketing step, you could be wasting time and resources on strategies that aren’t actively providing a return on investment. Don’t neglect the insight this free data could provide to your business in 2020.

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