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TaskAnt Review


Any company needing to assign various tasks to several different employees knows that using email as a primary way of task management may not be very efficient. For Skynet Solutions, Inc. our email client didn’t support conversations, and after a few replies, it was easy for a task to get lost, or be categorized incorrectly. To help remedy this situation, Skynet decided to use a newer technology called TaskAnt, which is an online task managing application. We have used TaskAnt for a few weeks now, and here are some comments on the software. After registering, we all had a few issues with logging in. The administrators set it up so we have our own virtual directory. This is nice since we can link to this directory compared to having other employees and some of our clients log in from the main Task Ant website. Anybody can create a task, assign it to a person, set a due date and priority, and add comments. We realized the best way to handle completed tasks was to assign it back to the original creator for them to check. We simply add a few comments with what we did, or what other information we may need. Being relatively new, I still found a few bugs. Often when clicking through links, the program grays out and stops working. Because you don’t get very deep on the site, simply refreshing isn’t a huge downfall. Also, it claims only admins can create tasks, however a user account can create them as well, which has proven helpful, but not exactly how they advertised it. There are a few suggestions we at Skynet Solutions, Inc. would love to implement. However, at the same time TaskAnt aims to make this a simple to-do repository, and it does a wonderful job at that. So that being said, we could try and make extensions to our browsers but it would be difficult to implement across all employees and the few select clients who are allowed to assign tasks directly. All-in-all, we are satisfied with TaskAnt and the benefits it offers. It is a much more efficient way to organize and assign jobs. It helps keep our personnel on the same page even though they may work from different locations. Lastly, it is easy to use.

(Source: Skynet Solutions)

By Blaine Schmeisser

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