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The Best Ways To Gather Customer Reviews


Collecting honest and positive reviews is one of the most effective ways to build your business and improve the likelihood of repeat business. While providing an optimal customer experience is easy, it can be hard to gather quality customer feedback if the right steps aren’t taken. If you are ready to improve your online image, here are the best ways to gather customer reviews.

Leverage Social Media

Social media platforms, like Facebook, have become a prominent fixture in our increasingly digital society. More importantly, these platforms provide an easy opportunity to gather reviews from your biggest fans and prominently display them to your followers and other potential customers. Encourage your followers to utilize the on-page review features associated with your social media accounts for an immediate impact.

Use Email Marketing

If your business already maintains an email marketing list, you should be leveraging it to build reviews for your business. Depending on the email platform you currently utilize, there are likely integrated features that can make this process simple. Even better, you could automate the process to automatically send a review request whenever someone purchases a product through your eCommerce site or utilizes your service.

Remember to Ask

One of the biggest reasons businesses don’t have reviews online is because they forget to ask or are afraid to ask. Nearly 1 out of every 3 customers you ask for a review will be happy to provide one as long as the process doesn’t take too long. Fortunately, most review platforms make the process quick and simple to ensure your customers have an optimal experience.

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