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The End of Google+


After years of not living up to expectations and multiple exposed security vulnerabilities, Google is finally throwing in the towel on their own social media network. While this may come as a surprise to the few dedicated users that have adopted the platform as their own, social media experts have predicted this outcome seemingly since its inception. However, although the end of Google+ is slated for April, it’s unlikely that the social media platform will be missed.

Once announced, Google spent considerable amounts of time, effort and money in an effort to improve the adoption of the platform. While businesses and their social media managers took notice, actual users were few and far between. This problem is easily identified when looking at the usage figures provided by Google. From these reports, we are able to discern that 90% of Google+ sessions were only 5 seconds or less in length.

Although poor performance was a definite flaw in the growth of the platform, the end of Google+ was expedited recently when a new vulnerability that affected nearly 53 million users was discovered. Through this vulnerability, developers were able to obtain private information about users even if their profile was set to a private mode. Originally found through the creation of Project Strobe, this vulnerability was seemingly the final straw in a tumultuous journey for Google+.

While there have been no plans announced for a Google+ replacement, some of the platform’s technology will continue to live on through Google My Business. This includes the introduction of posts that can both promote a business or inform their audiences of new services, products or content that is available through their website. While many won’t mourn the end of Google+, its lasting impact on modern Google technologies will always be remembered.

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