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In this day and age, it is enormously vital to have a website to give your business an online presence. With the amount of time that people spend on the internet, a website has become the face of many small businesses and big businesses alike; a face that should always give a good first impression of the business. Websites offer current clients and potential customers an opportunity to engage with businesses to obtain detailed information and to interact with what that business has to offer. If information is outdated or a user’s experience becomes negative because of broken links, then it is definitely time for a little website maintenance to save face. The proper maintenance of a website takes time, a lot of effort, and can be frustrating for a business owner already pulled in a thousand different directions on a daily basis. We want you to know that the experienced team at Skynet Solutions has your back and can help any business with the following common website maintenance tasks: Move, change, add, update, or delete web links Add, change, resize, edit, update, or remove images Embed, replace, edit, and remove videos Replace or change existing logos and create new logos Update contact information or any other website text content Update meta keywords, page titles, and descriptions Update website buttons, inventory pricing, and shopping cart software Make changes and updates to website and newsletter layouts Adjust formatting and style enhancements of layouts Provide statistics on website traffic and visitor information Consult on search engine optimization and implement a plan of action Generate an easily navigable sitemap for search engines to index Work on all platforms (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Ruby on Rails, etc.) Let Skynet Solutions uncomplicate your website maintenance today. Give our skilled staff a call at 918-895-1982 to get started.

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