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Utilizing Structured Data for SEO


The more you dig into learning about SEO, the more likely you are to start hearing about structured data. While this may seem like a complicated addition to your already challenging website routine of updating your website, there are many benefits to making it a part of your online efforts. In this article, we will explain what structured data is and the easiest way to start adding it to your website.

In its simplest form, structured data refers to any data that is organized or given structure. Sometimes referred to as “schema markup”, structured data contained a standardized list of attributes that major search engines look for while indexing. This standardized list was established in 2011 by Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo! to determine which attributes they all agreed to support.

By adding structured data to your blogs and web pages, you have the ability to drive additional traffic to your website by increasing your search engine relevance. Even more important, it gives you the ability to push your blogs to online news outlets like Google News as long as a few other characteristics are also completed. Improved click-through rates can also have a direct impact on your rankings because it is commonly perceived as a ranking signal by search engines.

Implementing structured data into your posts is an easy process if you are currently utilizing WordPress as your CMS. While some plugins, like Yoast, will attempt to add basic structured data into your posts, you can achieve more robust results with the use of dedicated plugins like WP SEO Structured Data Schema. Simply install the plugin and utilize the newly added plugin features to manually enter your structured data information.

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