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Utilizing Google+ as a Beneficial Business Tool


Failing to take Google+ seriously could mean letting a valuable opportunity slip through your fingers. You may be asking yourself, “Why invest time and money into another social media platform, especially one that nobody else is using?” Well, if you have a small to medium sized business, there are several important reasons to re-evaluate your social media strategy and take a serious look at how beneficial Google+ can be for your business’ marketing and branding.   Why Businesses Need to Use Google+: Everything posted to Google+ is immediately indexed by Google and therefore influences search engine results. Basically, the content you post to your Google+ page can give you a higher ranking in searches even if your website doesn’t. This is huge for businesses because, according to a study by Optify, websites that appear on the first page of Google—especially in the first few positions—get 54.8 percent of all clicks from users. Using Google+ adds authorship to your content. It puts your profile picture right next to your content that shows up in Google search results. Having this image appear in the results makes it easier for others to recognize you, more likely that they will click on your content and it gives them the ability to click on your signature to directly access your Google+ page for more content or to follow your page. Google searches now come up with a list of local results where Google is considering its own set of factors; having a Google Maps listing, a Google+ Business Page and the number of +1s and Google reviews your Business Page has. Keeping your business active on every aspect of Google will help you connect with more prospective local customers.  Bottom line, if your business is not active on Google+ yet, then it’s time to get a move on! The team at Skynet Solutions is your go-to group of Google experts. We can get your business set up on Google+ with a profile that matches your brand and a content strategy that will improve your Google search ranking. We are also the local authority for Google Maps listings and can ensure your business is On The Map.

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