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Weagle Seeks to Redefine CBD Products


As arguably one of the most important business strategies when starting a business, branding not only helps define your business to broad audiences but creates an identity that sticks in the minds of consumers both now and in the future. For this reason, finding the right branding for your business is critical for success in modern competitive industries. Perhaps one of the most overlooked facets that play a crucial role in branding and encouraging a sale is packaging design. Recently, Skynet Solutions had the honor of helping Weagle create a label for its flagship liposomal CBD product.

Weagle Liposomal Hemp Actives 600 is a full-spectrum product that not only provides cannabinoids but also other beneficial terpenes that are naturally found in the phytocannabinoids contents of the hemp plant. Skynet Solutions understands the importance of branding in the success of any business and the unique role that product packaging plays. As a fresh and exciting take on constantly evolving CBD products, Weagle needed product packaging that not only met their pre-defined branding but also achieved the brand’s specific aesthetic goals.

For this project, the design team at Skynet Solutions worked closely with Weagle to determine the required elements needed for the product packaging to meet local and federal guidelines. Because our design team has worked with countless nutritional supplement companies to develop their product packaging, this made Skynet Solutions the perfect partner to not only ensure compliance but also determine the best layout to fulfill these guidelines. At the same time, our design team helped balance these elements into the overall aesthetic required by Weagle to provide a seamless and engaging product packaging design.

To learn more about Weagle and the products that they provide, we encourage you to visit their website. As Weagle continues to innovate in the CBD and hemp industries, the team at Skynet Solutions is eager to help continue fulfilling their product needs as well as any other marketing considerations they may need to make their eCommerce website succeed. If you need help finding your branding in the modern eCommerce environment, the team at Skynet Solutions is here to help. Let us help give you a product packaging design that your customers will love!

Why Skynet Solutions for Branding?

Skynet Solutions is committed to ensuring that our eCommerce clients have access to the resources and support they need to remain successful online. With years of experience in branding and developing efficient and effective eCommerce websites, we are here to help. You can fill out our online contact form on our website or connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn!

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