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Website Analysis Before the Holiday Rush


Website Analysis Before the Holiday Rush   Tis the season for online shopping! As a customer, there’s nothing worse than clicking on a website’s link, only to discover a 404 error page, rather than the product you were itching to buy. As a retailer, this is likely to cost you a sale and impact your revenue. Is your website ready for the increased holiday traffic? Unsure? Then you definitely need a website analysis to make sure it’s up and running properly before all those shoppers pay a visit. Regular checkups are vital in today’s world. Most people visit a doctor’s office to check their health or take their car to a shop for regular maintenance. In the online world of ecommerce sites, a website analysis is like a regular health checkup, but for your website. After all, what worked yesterday may not necessarily work today. Even minor mistakes and errors on your website could be costing you. Skynet Solutions uses a few helpful tools that allow us to dig deeper into a website and paint a picture to what’s actually happening. One of those tools uses a bot that crawls a website and acts like Google. It provides us with any issues that Google usually looks for when deciding what shows up in search results. After all of the site is scanned and the reports are up, we can then see if any problems, inaccuracies, or errors are uncovered that need to be fixed in order to ensure that the website is functioning properly. A thorough website analysis can even uncover hidden opportunities that might help generate more traffic to your website or could show how you stack up to the competition. We recommend that our clients perform a regular website analysis at least once per quarter, but most certainly before peak times, like the holiday shopping season. Skynet Solutions offers everything from a free site analysis that will find the top 3 things wrong with a website, to a more in-depth analysis that will show additional statistics, visual aides, and provides more information on the problems found so that we can fix them. Search engines like Google and Bing change rules and tweak things with their regular updates. With each update comes the possibility that something on your website will not perform as originally anticipated. Skynet Solutions also offers a site health monitoring system that can notify our development team of issues the moment they arise. Once notified we prioritize the issue and jump into action. Contact the website health experts at Skynet Solutions for more details and pricing.

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