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When is it Time for a Website Redesign?


As a Tulsa website design firm, we are often approached by business owners that are curious if their existing website is due for a website redesign. The prospect of redesigning your existing website can seem like a big commitment. However, the benefits obtained by doing for most businesses that haven’t recently updated their website often outweigh the short term inconvenience and costs.

To determine if your website is due for a redesign, there are typically a few tell-tale signs that will be a dead giveaway. Though our Tulsa website design firm audits your website for over 200 different metrics to make recommendations, these are the glaring signs that your website is ready. As you browse your website, take note of these specific factors:

Mobile Responsive Web Design

In the modern age of the web, having a mobile responsive website is critical for your success and continued organic search engine traffic. According to Search Engine Land, more than 50% of queries entered into search engines now come from mobile. If your website isn’t optimized for their experience, you could be neglecting over half of your potential web traffic and decreasing search engine ranking with high bounce rates.

Dated Design or Functionality

Having a dated website design can often deter potential customers or clients from wanting to do business with you. According to Forbes Insights, research shows that 82% of customers conduct research online before making a purchase. For this reason, having a modern and responsive web design is critical for influencing their purchasing decision.

Poor Search Engine Ranking

Though there are many factors that can contribute to a low search engine ranking, including website longevity, if you are considering a web redesign your website has likely been around long enough to crack the top of the search engine rankings for certain keywords or search queries. According to Chitika, the first result in a Google search gets 33% of traffic and the traffic decreases with each listing from there. Improving your web design, reworking your website content and properly implementing 301 redirects can help boost your SEO value and search ranking.

Why Skynet Solutions for Website Redesigns?

A website redesign is one of the most effective ways to improve your online image for potential clients. Not only will a fresh website appeal to previous visitors, but it will also help boost search engine visibility significantly when properly implemented. As a Tulsa web design firm, Skynet Solutions is ready to help make your site the best version yet! You can fill out our online contact form on our website or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+  and LinkedIn!

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