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Websites for a Small Business Budget


Since over 78 percent of consumers research products and services online, even the smallest of small businesses can benefit from having their own website. It’s the chance to make a lasting impression!

Studies show that nearly half of small businesses still do not have websites. In this day and age it’s difficult to believe that such a large number of businesses still rely on just a listing as their only online presence. Being able to reach out to consumers online with a personalized website benefits a business by giving it credibility as well as an outlet for information. Any business without a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.

Unfortunately, many business owners believe that the cost of building and maintaining a website would break their budget. The expense of a multi-page, in depth website starts in the range of thousands of dollars. While yes, a fancy website with many pages and facets would be great, it isn’t very realistic for a small business with a small budget.

Because we recognize the need for most businesses to have at least a basic website, Skynet Solutions offers one-page sites that are cost effective, personal to the business, and functional. We can work with any budget from any business, small or large to create a website that reflects a business’s look, culture, and values. Our one-page sites are even mobile-friendly, have call functionality like click to call, and have contact forms. They can even be expanded on later as the needs of the business continue to grow.

Take a look at these two great examples of one-page websites we’ve already produced for other local businesses. The new site for Charles Taxi Service displays an elegance and professionalism, with stock photography, and plenty of relevant information. Farris-Ault Exterminators now have a wonderful website that shows their personality, has a lot of great content, and didn’t break their budget.

The team at Skynet Solutions makes getting a professional website easy. Just call us at (918) 895-1982 to speak with our knowledgeable staff about cost effective website creation to give your business an online presence that fits.

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