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What Is the Gutenberg WordPress Editor?


In the coming weeks, it is likely that you will be presented with the option to upgrade to WordPress 5.0. While you may have upgraded your core files in the past without warning, there are many reasons why you should carefully ensure you are ready to upgrade to avoid plugin failures or other common site-breaking issues. Perhaps the most anticipated feature included in WordPress 5 is the Gutenberg WordPress editor that seeks to make page creation easier.

Designed to be integrated into the WordPress core, the Gutenberg WordPress editor gives webmasters the ability to utilize content blocks in the creation of new pages. This drag-and-drop page builder functionality is commonly seen in themes that utilize Visual Composer or Elementor to provide ease of use for people who don’t understand HTML or coding. This means that anyone can create a beautiful, functional website with a little bit of time and minimal effort.

The team behind WordPress saw the value and popularity of these page builders growing and understood that the functionality was something the majority of their users were interested in. If you are interested in testing the Gutenberg WordPress Editor for yourself, you can currently download it from the WordPress plugin database. However, while this functionality is an important step for WordPress as a CMS option, there are chances the rollout may not be as smooth as expected.

WordPress 5 is a complete overhaul of the existing CMS system. For this reason, there’s a good chance that updating to the new core version could cause problems with plugins, installed themes or custom themes that aren’t prepared for the changes that come with the update. At Skynet Solutions, we are committed to ensuring that your website is ready for this shift and are prepared to make adjustments as needed if anything goes wrong.

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