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What Is Web Hosting Uptime and Why Does It Matter?


When you are looking for a web hosting option, there’s a good chance that you will find most providers are touting their “uptimes”. While this is an important metric for anyone looking for web hosting, the numbers provided can be a little misleading and could steer you to partner with a host that doesn’t have your best interests in mind. In this article, we will look at what web hosting uptime is and why it matters when you are looking for a new partner to get your website online.

Web Hosting Uptime Defined

As a potential visitor comes to your website, they will either be presented with an updated, accurate version of your website or they could potentially be greeted with an error saying that your website is currently unavailable. When this error occurs, it is often because the server that your website is hosted on has become overloaded or is down for maintenance or due to error. As you can imagine, this makes partnering with a provider that has proven web hosting uptime ratings can ensure your website is available whenever your visitors are accessing it.

Why Is Uptime Important?

Every moment that a website is down can result in a loss of income. This is true for both small businesses that experience frequent periods of downtime as well as enterprise businesses that are only experiencing minutes of downtime. Any lapse in service can result in potential damages. For this reason, it is crucial for business owners to ensure their website hosting uptime is as efficient as possible. One of the ways that Skynet Solutions helps achieve this is through our dedicated servers or shared hosting servers based on the traffic needs of our clients. However, all of these options are scalable as needed.

All of our Business web hosting plans include dedicated email hosting accounts and guaranteed storage space. However, upgrading your plan can provide many other benefits such as an included SSL Certificate, Site Health Monitoring and more. If you are unsure what web hosting plan is right for your particular business needs, the experts at Skynet Solutions can help determine which plan best achieves your goals. To learn more about our enterprise email hosting please visit this page.


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