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What’s New with Site Health Version 1.7.2?


Improper website functionality can have a devastating impact on your search engine ranking as visitors get fed up with errors and leave, resulting in large bounce rates and decreased time spent on your pages. To help assist webmasters in determining what errors are affecting their websites, Skynet Solutions released a WordPress plugin to identify any plugin or script errors that may be occurring. With the release of Site Health Version 1.7.2, we expanded the support this plugin can provide. Let’s take a look at some of the new features.

Dashboard Widget

When you log in to the backend of your website, the new Site Health plugin will be displayed as a widget that provides valuable information about the errors your website is experiencing. To view these errors simply click on the link displayed on the widget that says “You currently have X errors logged in your system” or access the errors database from the Site Health menu option on the sidebar. This can help you identify problems your website may have and quickly resolve them.

Error Identification

In an effort to provide more transparency about the issues that are affecting your website, Site Health 1.7.2 now provides an itemized list of all known errors that have occurred. This includes 404 errors, PHP errors or any other errors caused by plugins or WordPress. You can rest easy knowing that your website is collecting this data anytime someone visits to improve your user experience and identify major issues before they cause too much damage.

Automatic Update Notifications

Automatic updates to WordPress can quickly cause problems if existing plugins aren’t compatible with the current core version. When automatic updates are on, you will receive a notification on the widget directly on your WordPress Dashboard. With this information, you can disable these updates to avoid potential problems that may occur or contact your webmaster for more information.


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