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When Should a Business Invest in a Mobile App?


With the rising prominence of mobile search in recent years, and the expectation for this trend to continue growing, many businesses are wondering if it makes sense to invest in a mobile app. According to estimates, 92% of mobile device usage is spent on apps while only 8% is used on web browsing. While this may seem like a dramatic shift, that doesn’t mean that all businesses need or should pursue the release of a mobile app.

Currently, Apple’s App Store hosts nearly 2.2 million apps, while the Google Play Store boasts over 3.5 million. Even if you were to create a mobile app for your business, would it have the traction or the audience needed to make it visible among this much competition? This is a common problem for small businesses or local businesses that decide to pursue an app but don’t gain the downloads they hope to achieve. However, if your business already has national recognition it may make sense to invest in this technology.

It is important that your mobile app adds value to your business if you decide to develop one. For instance, just having an app that provides information won’t likely keep users satisfied and provide the opportunity for repeat use. Instead, focus on implementing eCommerce solutions to allow for streamlined purchasing without the need to directly visit your website through a mobile browser.

If your competitors have mobile apps, there’s a good chance that you too should be considering adding one to your arsenal to keep up with the curve. One of the most prominent reasons for this is that your competitors may seem more official just because they have an app, even if it doesn’t function well. If you decide not to make a competing app, ensure that your existing website remains as mobile-friendly as possible for the most impact.

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