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Why Do Hackers Target WordPress Websites?


As a business with an online presence, there’s a good chance that the security of both your data and your customers is one of your top priorities. And, even though you may not be convinced your website is large enough, you can as easily be the next victim as a multi-million dollar website that has countless users each day. But what makes WordPress websites a target for hackers? Continue reading to learn some of the common reasons.

WordPress Is a Common CMS

WordPress currently powers over 34% of the internet; an impressive feat if once you think about how many websites there are. That means that one out of every 3 websites you visit likely is running on this popular platform. This easily equates to millions upon millions of websites that hackers could gain potential access to if their security isn’t up to par. However, there are some distinct factors about WordPress that further provoke the attention of hackers and other malicious users.


WordPress Has Software Vulnerabilities

Between the core software, countless themes and the numerous plugins that can be used on WordPress, there’s a lot of opportunities for vulnerabilities to occur if things don’t mesh well between the versions. It’s not uncommon for WordPress, and the developers that make the plugins or themes you use, to constantly push out new versions to disable vulnerabilities or bugs that can affect security. By keeping your website updated at all times, you will be more protected from threats that have been identified by hackers.


New WordPress Websites Use Shared Hosting

Most people who create a website don’t want to invest too much in the initial process in case they abandon the project. Unfortunately, this means that most businesses or bloggers will partner with subpar or shared hosting options, further exposing them to vulnerabilities. These services typically come with little to no added security and can leave your website a sitting target for hackers or other malicious users.


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