Why is eCommerce Web Design Important?
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Why is eCommerce Web Design Important?


If your business is ready to branch out into online sales to reach a larger audience or you are considering starting your own online store, there’s a good chance that you will need an eCommerce website. While there are many different drag-and-drop options or online storefronts available, having your own eCommerce website allows you to take full control of the design and functionality of your website to create a completely unique shopping experience for your customers. But why is your eCommerce web design important and why should your small business be interested starting an online store? Keep reading to find out!

Typically one of the first things you should consider when creating or editing your eCommerce web design is whether or not it is mobile-friendly. More people are shopping on their phones than ever and research shows that by 2021 nearly half of eCommerce sales will be made with a mobile device. Starting your mobile-friendly, eCommerce web design now will ensure that you are ready once this shift happens in 2021 although the impact it will have on your online sales will most likely be apparent immediately.

Even if you have a brick-and-mortar business, you could still benefit from the development of your own eCommerce website. Unfortunately, most business owners believe that they will be limiting their market and in-store customers by taking this approach. However, most local residents will still visit a store anyways out of convenience and to avoid shipping costs and time delays that may accompany an online order. So, in reality, you are only expanding your markets to reach customers that otherwise wouldn’t be able to visit your storefront locations.

One final belief that many small business owners have that keep them from fully pursuing their own eCommerce store is that they won’t be able to compete with larger brands like Amazon. Currently, there is a growing movement for small businesses to continue their growth trajectories by utilizing new and exciting technologies. Fortunately, eCommerce websites are among the most cost-efficient and effective ways to take part in this trend.


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