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Why Is Website Error Monitoring Important?


If your website doesn’t work as intended, you likely are experiencing high bounce rates that are hurting your search engine ranking position. Even worse, potential conversions or important sales could be slipping through the cracks as users struggle to make it past the errors your website gives them. For this reason, it is important to have website error monitoring in place to not only detect issues but fix them whenever they arise.

Browsers and operating systems change regularly and, as a result, your website may not function the way it was intended to anymore. To make matters worse, the wide range of browsers and operating systems available mean that your website could be giving off errors that you don’t even know about because it isn’t the software you are using. However, with Site Health from Skynet Solutions, you can be in the know with 24/7 website error monitoring.

Once installed, this plugin monitors your website for errors and immediately notifies our development team when they arise. After this happens, our development team can take action on correcting the source of the error to get your website functioning as intended again. Don’t miss out on potential conversions because of ineffective plugins or software changes when you can quickly correct the errors they are causing.

We have taken great care to develop Site Health to be used on a wide variety of platforms. If you are currently using WordPress, the Site Health WordPress Plugin can be easily installed from the plugin database. Once installed and set up, we can begin providing website error monitoring to ensure your website is ready for any changes that may arise and affect the performance of your website.

Why Skynet Solutions for Site Health Monitoring?

As the only marketing firm in Broken Arrow, or the Tulsa area, offering this crucial software, Skynet Solutions is ready to help your business succeed in the digital world with active error monitoring. If you are interested in learning more about how Site Health Monitoring can help protect your website from costly errors, we would love to hear from you.

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