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Windows Secure Web Patch Virus


Windows Secure Web Patch is a nasty new piece of malicious malware. Once your machine is infected, it locks you out of your anti-virus, internet, and task manager, even in safe mode. It also claims to show you tons of infections on your computer and offers to clean them for a price. Under no circumstance should you buy this rogue security software.

After looking around the web, I found a great article providing information on how to remove this from your machine. There is an additional minor step required. I’ll post below how you can remove this from your machine within 15-30 minutes, depending on the speed of your computer.

Step 1: Go to Command Prompt – From the desktop, click the start button, and then in the run field – type command

Step 2: Kill the Secure Web Patch Process Type: taskkill/IMprotector-scxb.exe /F

Step 3 : Open Internet Explorer and go here:

Step 4: Scroll down to step 3 of theirs and continue the process.

Source: Skynet Solutions

By: Jed Parmenter

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