WordPress Maintenance

From: $125.00 / month


WordPress is the #1 CMS used worldwide and, like most pieces of software, will receive many security and update files that need to be installed regularly. While updating your website to the newest version can help protect you from security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers, an improper update could lead to plugin problems or, even worse, completely crash your website. In some cases, updating your WordPress version is as simple as clicking an “Update Now” button; however there are instances where it isn’t that simple and can cause incompatibility issues. To ensure your updates go as smoothly as possible and no problems arise, Skynet Solutions proudly offers WordPress Maintenance Services on a annual or monthly basis or as part of our Business Plus or Business Prime hosting plans.

Website functionality will be reviewed after performing WordPress maintenance updates and you will be notified via the contact form on your website after each monthly maintenance update schedule has been completed. Paid for or subscription plug-ins that are expired cannot be updated and will require a license renewal. Skynet Solutions is not responsible for repairing re-purchasing depreciated or expired plug-ins.


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