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3 Scary SEO Errors You Should Fix Now


Halloween is nearly here and soon countless costumed children will hit the streets in search of tasty treats. Although October is full of fear and fun, learning that your website has fallen in the search engine rankings can be just as frightening. If you are ready to make an impact on your search rank before the holidays’ end, here are 3 scary SEO errors you should fix now.

Mobile Issues

Did you know that nearly half of the people performing searches on the internet are doing it with a cell phone or tablet? If your website isn’t optimized to provide a great experience for them, they likely won’t stick around long. Whether you have slow page loading or your website isn’t responsive, this is one of the biggest errors that could be affecting your current rank now that Google has started Mobile-First Indexing.

Duplicate Content

If you ask most SEO professionals what errors they are most concerned about, they will typically be centered around the content the website provides. While what you say is important, duplicate content could be hurting you. Aside from a blog tag, all of the other content on your website should be well worded and only used once to ensure you aren’t accidentally using duplicate content.

Bad Backlinks

Historically, backlinks have long been considered one of the most important ranking factors. However, they can be challenging to obtain from trusted sources. Likewise, backlinks from untrusted or blacklisted websites could be dragging down your search ranking. Consider doing a backlink audit and disavowing any of the sources that link to you to fix this scary SEO error.

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