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Cannot Update Android Market App


So I clicked on the Android Market icon on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 only to see Client is out of date, an update will download shortly.

I clicked OK and waited for this magic update. Unfortunately, nothing happened. So I went and consulted the almighty Google, only to find outdated posts and similar issues from back in 2010.

I did confirm there was a recent Android Market update on January 25th 2012. I found out that my tablet that was brand new in November of 2011 shipped with version 1.0.28!!

I emailed Google and have yet to get a response. I started searching for Android Market APK and found tons of links to Unfortunately, they have been shut down due to the wonderful new version of Internet Censorship.

Good news though; I did find a semi-recent version of the APK here:

This is not the newest version of the Android Market. The most recent version is 3.4.4. I downloaded the above version, and it updated itself after that.

I did hunt down another link that is for version 3.4.4, and it is not hosted by or You can download it here:

(Source: Skynet Solutions)

By Jed Parmenter

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