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Does Search Ranking Still Matter?


As a business, you likely strive to ensure you are cracking the first page of the search engine rankings and, more importantly, obtaining that coveted first position. Not only does this position assist with lead generation, but it also provides a large amount of website traffic that can help expose your business to new customers. But with the evolution of paid advertising and social media, does search ranking really matter anymore? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

As Google continues to evolve and find new ways to make the most money for their business, the role of PPC advertising has taken on a new prominence. Although not generally well received by businesses because of the limit results and high cost-per-click, ads have started to blend with organic results to create a skewed view of what is most relevant. While this works great as a means of capital for Google, it doesn’t always provide the best results possible for the end user.

On the other hand, the first spot on Google search rankings for a chosen keyword or keyword phrase will typically result in a 31% click-through rate. This is an impressive number, especially when a high-profile keyword is performing well. However, the advancements in blended search results have blurred the lines between ads and organic content, making them less effective than they may have been previously.

For businesses that have a sizable social media audience that is engaged, the question is really what your marketing goal may be. In most cases, these audiences can be leveraged to provide immediate sales or lead generation where SEO strategies can take time. However, it is important to consider the costs associated with building your social media following as opposed to the variety of free SEO strategies you could be implementing on your own.


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