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Is Tulsa Tech Fest for designers?

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I attended the Tulsa Tech Fest, or TTF for short, for the first time this year, and from a designer’s perspective, it was a little disappointing. However I would like to say that I fully support TTF and plan on going again. It’s a good cause and a great annual event to have in Tulsa; I strongly advise everyone to attend.

I was geared up on Friday to take two morning Photoshop classes. I was a little leery at first with the title ‘Tips and Tricks’ and with the teacher being over 60, and rightfully so. As I walked by large and very packed classrooms on the way to my class, my anticipation grew. Upon reaching my classroom, I saw that only 5 other people were awaiting the instructor. The class was eventually canceled due to technical errors.

My second class (in the same room with the same teacher) was the next morning. She also walked in late, dragging in her laptop which too had it’s own set of problems. She was barely able to finish her mask tutorial before the class period was over. This was geared more to hobbyists, not professionals, as far as design is concerned.

It’s well known that TTF is geared more towards developers, but I hope over time that it will also be home for designers as well. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities, and with fests being held all over the country, there is surely a place for you to offer help. We should all help to support the cause and expand it’s efforts.

(Source: Skynet Solutions)

By Clint Smith

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