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Metro Tiles not working after Upgrade


I found myself among a multitude of users scouring message boards trying to find out why my metro tiles aren’t working after their windows 8 upgrade.  After researching the issue I found a list of items that can cause your tiles not to work.

Screen Resolution (Must be at least 1024×768)

User Account Control (UAC must be enabled)

Permissions of the Metro Apps folder

Intel Graphics display driver

Corrupted User Account

Multiple Monitors with different resolutions

I looked over attempting to resolve any configurations listed above that would inhibit Windows 8 Metro tiles to load and was unable to resolve my problem.

I researched the issue further online still determined to not have to do a fresh Windows 8 install which was the only fix for many people experiencing this problem. Spending hours reinstalling and reconfiguring all my programs was simply not an option I wished to choose. I disabled startup items and even deleted some programs I no longer use to no avail. I went into safe mode and even created a new local admin account and much to my dismay I was about to pull the trigger on doing a fresh install.

I still forged through online posts ever more determined to find a couple more fixes I had yet to try when one person suggested to Avast users to update the program (not the definitions). I updated the program, restarted the computer and my tiles immediately starting functioning in the glory that is Windows 8. I went ahead and uninstalled Avast and began using Microsoft Security Essentials which I’ve had much luck with on all my other computers.

Source: Skynet Solutions

By: Rob Wallace

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