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Project Specifications

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Project Specifications

When scoping out a project, one of the most valuable assets a project manager has will be the end users who will be using the system. These are the individuals who can explain the work flow and the value provided by the software that will be developed. Gathering their input ensures that the software will provide the needed and most convenient functionality. It will also save many hours of effort required to go back and add or modify functions that do not meet their requirements because the developer was unaware of what was truly needed.

The first step in any project development should be to meet with the individuals requesting the project and the users who will be using the end product. If you can get together in one room with an erasable white board to draw pictures, list details and flowchart the data and task flows, you will have a much better chance to make certain that what is being requested is needed, understood, and most importantly, will serve the purpose for which it is being requested.

By: DJ Burrup

Source: Skynet Solutions

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