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Staying Above Water


Staying on top of web trends, design trends, and social trends can seem very daunting at times, but keeping your head above water on these subjects is essential for web/graphic designers. Software is also something to be mindful of in this profession. Knowing the lifespan or progression of the software programs and tools that you use can help you prepare and be ready for the future.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion over the use or lack of use of programs such as any web-based media player, but mainly Flash. Debating these programs’ value or usefulness is determined by your love for the software and how it may or may not work for your particular application.

The latest trend is mobile access, and the main push is Apple. Like it or not, Apple’s decision to not support Flash has caused much debate. Regardless of your personal views on the subject, the fact remains that Flash will be phased out or replaced; even Adobe realizes this.

Earlier this month, Adobe released Edge as the successor to Flash. It is my impression that this program will replace Flash, however that is only speculation on my part. Edge will allow all current browsers to display a video or animation without the need to have a ‘player’ or more commonly, the need to update your player. Adobe Edge uses CSS3 and ‘HTML5’ to be written for you as the development is happening in their WYSIWYG. It is currently available as a beta download on their site. I strongly suggest that all current designers be aware of and download this application.

(Source: Skynet Solutions)

By Clint Smith

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