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Unwanted Emails and Notifications From Facebook


A friend recently complained to me about all the annoying emails she kept receiving from Facebook (mainly FarmVille). I’m sure we have all heard similar complaints. So here is a quick blog about how to stop the spam from harvesting insanity.

First, let’s stop the emails which is pretty simple to do. First, obviously, log into Facebook. All the way to the right, there is a down arrow you will need to click on, then click Account Settings. On the left menu, click the Notifications button. On this page, you will be able to personalize what notifications that Facebook will email to you. This won’t stop you from being notified on Facebook. You will still get all the normal notifications that you would previously have gotten, however you will not get the emails. Check the boxes you want to receive emails for, and uncheck any boxes you don’t want to receive emails for. Personally, I unchecked every box, and I just visit frequently. While still on this page, you can easily click the Apps button, and then delete any apps you have installed that you don’t use. You can also click on the Mobile button to set up or turn off Mobile Alerts.

Next, let’s block some apps. If you don’t want to know about it every time Polly Peaches harvests her garden, or if you are tired of getting asked to help some mafia clan, this is for you. Start by clicking the Facebook icon at the top left hand corner to get to your newsfeed. Now scroll down just a bit. On the left menu bar, there will be options like Favorites, Groups, and Apps (you may need to click the “more” icon to open the full menu.) Under Apps, there is an Apps and Games option. Simply click this option, and there will be invites from friends. Now hover your mouse over an invite, and an X will appear at the top right of the invite. When you click the X, it will change to show that you have hidden the request, but it will also offer you an option to “Block the Application” or “Block all Requests” from the person that sent you the invite. I usually just block the app not the person, but if you have that one friend that tries every app and always sends you requests, you might think of “Blocking all Requests from Polly Peaches.” Then a “Block App” pop-up will appear. Click okay, and you’re set! You won’t be invited, contacted, or notified about that pesky app anymore. Your friend will not know that you blocked them or their apps.

If you decide later that you want to try out a blocked game, you can find it in this same place. There are options for apps your friends are using, new apps, and “recommended to you” apps. You can also manage blocked applications by going to the same right drop-down and clicking Privacy Settings, and then clicking on “Manage Blocking” next to “Blocked People and Apps.” You can now unblock any apps or people you have blocked requests from.

This whole process can take a little while, but it is definitely worth it.

(Source: Skynet Solutions)

By Ryan Williams

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