3 Signs You Need a New Website Design
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3 Signs You Need a New Website Design


If your website has been underperforming lately and not generating the leads you had hoped for, there’s a good chance you haven’t had a website redesign in quite a long time. Digital trends change very quickly and it’s important business owners take the initiative to keep up with them. While there is no set determination on how often you should update your website, there are a few different signs that can help you determine if you need a new website design.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile Friendly

Following the announcement of Google’s transition to mobile-first indexing, it is more important than ever to ensure that your website has a mobile strategy. One of the easiest ways to accommodate this is to ensure that your new website design is responsive, or modifies based on the screen size that is accessing it. More than half of mobile searches are performed from a mobile device and if your website design doesn’t accommodate them, you will miss out on potential customers.

Your Website Isn’t Search Engine Optimized

Search engine optimization, or SEO, ensures that your website is able to be found among a very competitive digital landscape. If you are investing a new website design, take the time to audit your content and improve the keywords or keyword phrases that will help improve your search engine ranking. If you already have a new website design but you still aren’t achieving the results you had hoped, try these SEO basics to kickstart your business.

Your Website Design Is Dated

If you were to look at your competitor’s websites and compare them to yours, would they seem more fresh or enticing? Having a dated website is one of the most common reasons for investing in a new website design. While there are many variables that are uncontrollable online, maintaining a positive, modern image in front of potential customers is well within your reach!

Why Skynet Solutions for Web Design?

Skynet Solutions is committed to providing the best web design services possible. If you are ready to expand your web presence, refresh your website design or enhance your digital marketing, we are here to help. You can fill out our online contact form on our website or connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+  and LinkedIn!

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