Web Support Package

From: $149.99 / month


Our basic web support package will provide business owners with turn key security and peace of mind for their website. By purchasing this web support package Skynet Solutions will implement Off-site Backups for your website. This along with the installation of security scanning software will provide you with a strong defense and solid recovery option in the event your website is hacked, lost or corrupted.

Keeping WordPress core and its plugins up to date can ensure proper website operation as well as remove any exposed website security vulnerabilities. It can be hard to keep up with the latest updates that are available and devastating if something goes wrong during the updating process. To help maintain the best experience possible for both you and your website’s visitors, Skynet Solutions includes Monthly WordPress Maintenance updates with our basic web support package to ensure your website consistently remains at peak performance.

Website functionality will be reviewed after performing maintenance updates and you will be notified via the contact form on your website after each monthly maintenance update schedule has been completed. Paid for or subscription plug-ins that are expired cannot be updated and will require a license renewal. Skynet Solutions is not responsible for repairing re-purchasing depreciated or expired plug-ins.

Knowing your websites traffic analysis is pivotal for businesses and is why it is also included in our basic web support package. Skynet Solutions will provide an easy to digest traffic analysis report on a monthly basis.

Included in the Web Support Package:

• WordPress Updates
• Theme and Plugin Updates
• Off-Site Backups
• Security Scans
• Monthy Reporting

Need more support?

We offer another support package with included service hours but its impossible for us to configure ecommerce support packages that will suit the needs of all. If that is the case we invite you to reach out to us so we can discuss your ecommerce needs and prepare a support package that is specific to your business.


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