Backup Second Hard drive with Windows 8 File History

In case you stumbled across this post and have no idea what Windows File History is, I’ll give you a brief explanation below.

Windows file history is a new feature added to Windows 8 that was present in Microsoft’s server software for years under the name shadow copy.

Basically the operating system saves copies of every file on the C or Boot Drive anytime there is a change. This way you can revert back to any previous version of a file in case it is changed or corrupted.

However, by default there is no way to have it perform this feature on any drive other than the main hard drive.

Windows file history will back up any libraries you have setup on your machine, so all you have to do is add your second drive to an existing library or create a new one.

By default you should have the libraries Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos.

If you open File Explorer and look on the left you should see your existing libraries like I do in the picture below. If they are not showing, click on the Navigation Pane icon in upper left corner and add Libraries to the view.

Okay, now for what you want to know.

From Files Explorer right click the second drive or any folders on that drive you want file history to backup. In the context menu you will see Include in Library. Select that and either include your selection in an existing library or create a new one like I did.

I created a library called Redundant Drive as you can see in the picture below.

Creating this library does not move any files or change anything other than give you a new shortcut to get to the files and get windows to back up the files for you automatically.