Get Better Search Engine Rankings With These Blogging Tips

In this day and age, if you have a small business, you’d better have a blog somewhere to go along with it. Without an online blog, search engines are going to have a hard time finding you and so are your customers. The goal of a search engine is to return the most relevant results to users and your goal should be to keep those search engines happy. A lot of blogs receive the bulk of their traffic from the major search engines, so it only makes sense to work in conjunction with them to optimize your success. We have put together a list of tips that will ensure your business’s blog stays relevant and at the top of search engine rankings. Content drives search engine traffic, so updating your blog frequently is one of the best ways to push your company to the top of the list when people search for your products and services online. Post blog updates at least once per week to keep the search engine spiders coming back to your content more frequently. If they visit your blog regularly, they will quickly index your new content. Actively blogging on a regular basis is one of the most cost-effective channels for generating leads to acquire new customers. The more you publish, the more your site is crawled and the more leads are sent your way by search engines. Search engines measure the pages of your website based on their freshness and rank them accordingly. So, keeping around old content that exists simply to generate pageviews can sometimes do more harm then good. However, some old content that continually answers a user’s query may remain fresh forever in the eyes of a search engine. On average, blog posts have a fresh and relevant lifespan of about 2 to 3 years where they will continue to attract readers and be shared across other blogs and various social channels. So, if you have older blogs reaching the end of their lifespan you can give them a new lease on life by updating them with new information like current statistics or latest developments on that topic. Be consistent with a blog posting schedule no matter what it takes. This is critical because when your regular readers are looking for new posts and can’t find them, they may assume that your blog is no longer important to you or relevant to them and will quickly lose interest. Readers will adapt to your posting rhythm and will begin to expect that reliability from you. If you post every Monday, then it’s important to continue updating your blog on Mondays to remain consistent. If you’re running out of new ideas for content, there is nothing wrong with a little repetition every once in awhile. Sometimes before a message can get its point across, it needs to be repeated. Just don’t repeat something for repetition’s sake as that can become annoying to your readers. If you are concerned about not being able to keep up with a rigorous publishing schedule for your blog, find someone within your organization who can take it over or look into outsourcing your blog posts to a reliable company like Skynet Solutions. Not a tip in the world is ever going to take the place of actual personal knowledge gained by first-hand experience with tracked results and experimentation. Test your blogging strategies continuously to find out what works best for your business’s particular situation and you will be successful when search engines come looking for you.


Tulsa People’s A-List Winners!

Around this time every year, Tulsa People Magazine chooses A-List winners. These are local companies that provide exceptional service as voted on by the people of Tulsa.

We’re proud to announce that not just one, but two of our clients are Tulsa People A-List winners!

Skin Renewal of Tulsa has been voted an A-List Winner in the Body category for their excellent dermatological services and products. We created their website and handle various forms of advertising for the company. Congratulations to Skin Renewal of Tulsa!

In a totally different Industry, Arrow Exterminators has also been noted an A-List Winner in the Services category. As the company name suggest, Arrow does residential and commercial pest control, and has made a name for itself as one of the biggest in Tulsa. We also created their website and handle a large portion of their advertising. Congratulations to Arrow Exterminators!

If you’re looking to join Skynet’s successful community of clients, give us a call at 918-895-1982 or talk to us at!


Post-Mobilgeddon – Did you survive?

“Mobilegeddon”, the mobile apocalypse, or so it was explained to us, is over. The Google algorithm update that pushed mobile-friendliness was rolled out on April 21st, so we’ve had a little over a month to see its effects. This update changed how the search engine evaluated and ranked various websites. Clearly Google wanted to improve a mobile users experience by increasing the visibility of mobile-friendly sites and decreasing the visibility of non-mobile-friendly sites. Many online communities heralded this update as the next big game-changer in the mobile world but the results seem to have been less than apocalyptic. Were you affected? Thankfully the aftermath of Mobilegeddon wasn’t quite as dramatic as some predicted it would be. While some websites reported minimal effects, very few, if any, have yet to reveal any catastrophic drop in their search rankings. The rollout was slow and after the first few days a handful of major sites were penalized, but they weren’t completely blown off the face of the Earth either. Instead, they dropped a bit in the search rankings while a few other sites correspondingly rose. All in all, not much shifted greatly. Did you survive? It wasn’t “The End.” This wasn’t the first time that a Google update announcement has caused a lot of unnecessary drama and it certainly won’t be the last. They just want users to have the best possible experience regardless of what type of device they’re using. Google will continue making regular updates and those will continue to vary in scale from the hardly noticeable to the truly game-changing. Looking ahead to future updates, take the appropriate precautionary measures, let the cards fall where they may, and you will survive, but also think of it as an opportunity to advance your business with a website that keeps up with modern developments and invest in mobile technology and mobile marketing strategies because they’re not going away any time soon. What’s next? At this point, if your website still isn’t mobile-friendly, it’s not actually the end of the world, but you may need to consider the ramifications of remaining unfriendly. If your website gains a lot of visitors from mobile devices, it may be worth it to invest in optimizing your site for those mobile customers to create a superior user experience. Inspiring mobile sites are ultimately a good thing for your business and a great thing for the Internet in general. Once you’ve tackled the development of a mobile-friendly site, then it’s time to start looking into some of Google’s latest enhancements: fact-checking and structured data. Contact the web experts from Skynet Solutions at 918-895-1982 for assistance in this new “mobile-friendly” world and we will help make sure your customers have the best experience possible.