Atomic Tabs Website Launch

Here is another website that we have completed this year. An interesting point of interest on this site is the use of Adobe Edge for the animations.

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By: Clint Smith

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Which is the best tablet for someone who loves to read?

My wife let me know for Christmas she’d like to have a tablet for reading. I have an iPad2 that she has used a few times, but she really needs to have her own device. And she needs something smaller than a full-size tablet to make it easy to take along in her purse.


There are many e-readers on the market. Since they all have the same primary reason for existing, they have a lot of similarities. There are already plenty of reviews out there comparing the various e-readers, and the Kindle Paperwhite seems to currently be at the top of most lists because of its superior screen. At 212 pixels per inch, it’s the sharpest, clearest e-reader display currently on the market. And the price is very reasonable at $119, or $139 for the ad-free version. The reviews also suggest the huge resources of reading material available within the Amazon system have a lot to keep a reader happy, including thousands of older books available free of charge.


But wait, “What if I want to surf the web or play a game,” you ask. That’s what I was wondering too. And since my wife and I are both deeply immersed in the Apple universe (MacBooks, iPhones, iPad), the logical choice to compare would be the new iPad mini. So it all quickly boiled down to a battle between the Kindle Paperwhite and the iPad mini.

At first, it seems like an unfair fight of course, the mini is so much more capable. Yes, it costs more, starting at $329, but look at all the legendary awesomeness that comes with it! You can surf the web, play games, check your email, watch movies, take photos or video, type a document, edit images, talk via face time, listen to music, write a song, etc., etc., etc. in perpetuity. And the display is fantastic at 326 pixels per inch.

How could anyone need to think twice given all that? But I have to keep sight of the whole purpose of my quest….to find a gift that conforms to my wife’s Christmas wishes! Her primary focus for this device is reading. And there is a huge elephant in the room when it comes to tablets. She (and many others out there) has a hard time staring at a backlit display for long periods of time. And let’s face it, reading a regular old-school paperback book is a lot easier on the eyes than looking directly into a light for hours, albeit a dim light.

The screen on the new Kindle Paperwhite is not backlit. The light is emitted from the sides, pointing toward the middle of the screen, and the reading material or images are produced in a lower layer. This shines light on the words from the reader’s side rather than from behind the screen, producing an actual book-like experience that is much easier on the eyes, and yet unlike some e-readers, can still be used at night.


My wife already has an iPhone and a MacBook to do all those other legendary things mentioned above. And if reading is your primary goal as it is here, all the awesome computer features in the world won’t be enough to compensate for an annoying light shining in your eyes while you’re trying to read. Many people don’t seem to be bothered by this backlit screen issue. But many others are, and my wife is one of them. So in this case, the Kindle Paperwhite has won the battle. Christmas wishes granted if I can get one in time.


If you’re thinking about giving a Kindle Paperwhite for someone’s Christmas wish, better do it soon. They seem to be selling out everywhere. As of writing this article, Amazon is promising to ship by Dec. 21st in time for Christmas with free 2-day shipping for a limited time. (Their website says “to ensure delivery by December 24th, choose Two-Day Shipping at checkout. I did so, and in fact, 2-day shipping ended up being FREE, which shows up at the end of the check-out process. Good luck, and Merry Christmas to you and your favorite reader!

Source: Skynet Solutions

Author: Joel Eads