Stationary pad in OSX

Recently I had a mysterious problem with duplicate files being created when I double click them to open. It also happens when I right click and open with and it seems to happen to photoshop files only.

Stationary pad is an old Macintosh option that is still lurking around. This allows the file to be duplicated when double clicked and open up the duplicate for you to work with therefore leaving the original file as a template.

So how do you remedy this action? Simple. Open a finder window and right click an effected file. Then select ‘get info’ and this window will open. Or you can find and highlight the file in finder and press command+i to ‘get info’…..gotta love those hotkeys!


Make sure that this box is unselected and the mysterious file duplication problem is solved. I hope that this post may help someone else in the future that is encountered this issue.

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By: Clint Smith


Facebook Check In Deals

Adding a Check In Deal to your Facebook Fan page for your business or organization is a simple process and a great way to increase your social media presence. When a customer checks in, your business shows up on his timeline. Also his friends might see that activity in their news feed.  Getting customers to check in is a great way to show their friends that you offer a good or service that might be valuable to them.

Facebook has made setting up a Check In Deal very easy. Access the admin panel of your Fan page underneath the profile picture. Click the About link on the About page. If you drag your mouse, an edit box will appear. Click the edit box. On the left hand side of the page underneath your settings, there is a Deals logo.  Click on this deals icon, and then click on the create a deal icon.

Now you have four options to choose from: Individual deals for promos and gifts with purchases, a Friend deal to reward groups when they check in together, Loyalty deals to reward customers for checking in a certain number of times (similar to a loyalty punch card), and Charity deals to pledge donations to a charity. For most businesses, I would recommend the individual deal or the loyalty deal. Now define the terms of your deal. For instance you could offer 10% off a customer’s purchase if he checks in. Then set the duration of your deal and how many deals you can offer. Facebook will review the deal within 48 hours and send you a message once the deal is approved. Make sure you pay attention to the start and end dates of your campaign since it could take up to 48 hours for approval. I recommend starting the campaign 2 days after you submit it.


Source: Skynet Solutions

By : Ryan Williams

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Picturing the Future: The Lytro Camera

The Lytro camera and its technologies are revolutionizing the world of photography. This new camera is almost 4.5 inches long and 1.6 inches in height and width, and it shoots in#32;meg”