Websites Need a Refresh For 2016!

Websites Need a Refresh For 2016! Is your website looking a little tired? Is its content out-of-date and no longer relevant? Did you know that the lifetime of a website is only about 3 years? With 2016 just around the corner, it may be time to take a look at your existing website and refresh it into one that will carry your business into the new year. Having a dated website can largely impact your business in a negative way. Here are 3 important reasons to refresh your website: 1. Aesthetics: It is essential that the look and design of your website appeals to your customers and functions correctly for them. A poorly laid out website can frustrate people if they have difficulty finding the product they’re searching for or if a page takes too long to load. A website with an out-dated look may even cause customers to head over to the competition. 2. Search Engine Optimization: Nowadays many potential customers turn to Google, Bing, and Yahoo! instead of flipping through the Yellow Pages to find a business. These search engines constantly update and change their algorithms to ensure that people get accurate results with their queries. Which means that your website’s content needs to be regularly optimized and updated so that search engines put your business at the top of the page. 3. Mobile Friendliness: You might have heard us talking about Google making a significant change to their search algorithm to rank websites that are mobile-friendly higher then others, and now other search engines are following suit. If your business’s website isn’t considered “mobile-friendly”, then it could be bumped further and further down the list. Maybe your website was awesome when it launched 5 years ago, but if it doesn’t stack up today, then call the experts at Skynet Solutions. We can help your business with everything from a complete website overhaul to just a few small tweaks to keep it current.