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Video Conferencing and File Sharing with your Hosting Package

All of our Business Hosting Packages include email hosting, which also means that you have access to our provided email software SmarterMail. This provided email software has many features but I would like to concentrate on a few features that you may not be aware of and have complete ability to utilize. Eliminate third-party services and streamline your workflow with these easy-to-use built in Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing, and File Sharing tools.

There are plenty of video conferencing options available to choose from these days, however most of them require an account, a download or an app installation just to attend. There is nothing worse than wasting time trying to agree on a video conferencing app that your clients already have, prefer or have used in the past. This is where utilizing the available video conferencing software included with your Skynet Solutions Business Hosting package can shine. Create a meeting space and share a link to your client or viewer within seconds. The link will not require any sign up or download as its browser based and will only require an internet connection. It’s a simple one click process before being presented with very familiar video conferencing controls and interface. See our walk-thru guide here.

Screen Sharing Options

Meeting organizers have typical video conferencing control options like restricting guests, setting permissions, quality settings and password protecting meetings. Organizers and attendees can share their entire screens, specific applications or individual browser tabs during the meeting. Once a meeting workspace has been created it can be used multiple times or used as an ongoing meeting space.

Video Conference Meeting Spaces

Shared files and file storage are stored in SmartMail’s integrated File Storage area, making it an easy to access and download files even after the meeting has ended. After uploading files to your dedicated storage area you can send a link for download or set a secure password to allow for file downloading.

File Storage

This was just a quick synopsis of two very important and available tools that you might not have been aware of. Please view our walk-thru guide on using these features in the blog article link below.

See our walk-thru guide for using SmarterMail Video Conferencing and File Sharing here:


If you are looking for a web or email host that can be accountable, accessible and reliable then please send us a message or call today!

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Shopify or WordPress WooCommerce?

The most common question most people looking to start an e-commerce site is: Which platform do I use? Shopify or WooCommerce?

Choosing the platform is the first and most daunting part of this process. On the flip side there are people currently on one platform and looking to make a switch to another. Skynet Solutions can assist you in either of these situations as well as advise on which platform to use for your business. In this write up I want to explore some reasons why Shopify might be your better bet over a WordPress WooCommerce website.

There are many variables to consider when starting this process. Many of which I might not shed light on, but I hope to touch on some of the more common instances. Shopify, to me, is like the Apple of e-commerce websites; everything is all there inside the walled garden. Unlike WordPress, creating a Shopify store is a fairly streamlined process that doesn’t require a checklist or reliance on previous web experience. Many of the tedious setup items associated with a WordPress WooCommerce website like, Analytics, Credit Card Processing, SSL, Hosting, Security and Design elements are presented to you in a much more simple selection process. You won’t need to hunt down how to do something or realize something should have been done in the beginning with Shopify. All of the standardized e-commerce web store items are available and more easily set up with a Shopify store.

The Shopify platform is designed to help raise you up with built in support and tools. This platform will grow with your business and allow for expansion all while keeping you within industry standards. Start your FREE, no credit card required, account today for 14 days.


Shopify offers live chat support and help within its developer community for advice on how to improve your store. Plenty of people have documented their processes so that you can fully take charge for your next store upgrade.


Shopify has many built in integrations that can easily be implemented in your store. Things like email marketing, abandoned cart marketing, Social media and custom applications are all readily available for setup. If you have a brick and mortar store with a POS system Shopify has you covered with their Point-of-sale integration option. With WordPress WooCommerce you will need to find, purchase/sign-up and setup individual providers for each of the items that I mentioned.


Shopify works great with mobile in mind. All available designs are built to work out of the box with mobile applications. Now this is the same as WordPress WooCommerce. However, this story changes if you are looking to run your store via a mobile device. Shopify has much better mobile usability when it comes to administrator access.

Hosting and SSL

Hosting and annual SSL certificates are all taken care of under the Shopify umbrella when you sign up. One less stress and additional cost to be concerned with is annual SSL and Hosting renewals as Shopify has these items built into their packages.


Google reCAPTCHA and other standard security measures are automatically included and setup with your Shopify store. Where as each and every one of these items will need to be sourced and setup with a WordPress WooCommerce website.

Choose Skynet Solutions as your Shopify Partner!

Skynet Solutions is a Shopify Partner that can help you setup a new Shopify store or help migrate you from an existing WordPress WooCommerce site. Contact us if you are needing to migrate an existing website or start your new Shopify account with a FREE 14 day trial (no credit card needed) by clicking the link above. Explore the available account options, see how things work and you could even start an initial store mock up.

I’ve reviewed most of the features that Shopify has and how those can help you create a great eCommerce web store. Going this route can be less complicated, more secure and great for mobile and social media. The Shopify process can potentially cost you more than a WordPress WooCommerce store but it might be worth it to you. I hope this helps you to determine your path and we look forward to helping with your journey!

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3D Printing Services in Tulsa

Skynet Solutions now offers 3D printing services. Wait…what? That seems awkward but let me explain.

3d print model on plateSkynet Solutions has owned a 3D printer since 2011. With an interest in the 3d printing space the owner thought it would be a good idea to invest and play with these tools as a way to explore new technology and have fun. Which as an employee, IS AWESOME! Having something fun, new and different to explore while also being at work and on the clock is just a benefit to working at a great place like Skynet!

The 3d printing industry as a whole has come a long way in the past 10 years. With new printing processes, machines and methods all coming to surface I am glad to have been involved as long as we have. Anyone with experience in 3d printing knows that this is not something that just works out of the box. There is  a lot of research and trail and error involved in every aspect of the process. Owning and operating a 3d printer is much like having a hot rod car. It takes constant tweaking and a strong understanding to produce consistent results.

3d printed NASA meatball logoWith that being said we can print your model on one of our FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) machines and ship it to your home. Use our experience and knowledge to your advantage and get the prototype or object that you desire. Skynet Solutions 3d printing services can accommodate a wide variety of sizes and materials. We offer ABS and PLA+ as our standard filament material choices with others like flexible rubber and LW-PLA. Depending on your projects needs we can help assess which filament material would be ideal and the most cost effective option.

Our 3d printing services are just a small endeavor that we testing the waters with to see if there is a need we can fulfill. Its a labor of love and enjoyment that we are thankful to explore!

Get a 3D printing quote and see our examples

If you already have a 3d file ready then you can get started on your quote today on our 3d printing services page.

Call or contact us for any custom 3d printing service requests, special material requests or general questions.

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Email Spam and Whitelist Management Processes for Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail & iCloud

Recent updates to email spam filtering has lead to a lot more of unreceived messages for users across the world. Have you recently dealt with this? Out of nowhere you just STOP receiving emails from someone that you have a conversation going with….only reconnect and start the conversation over again weeks later? Messages that you were accustomed to receiving from people, suddenly and unbeknownst to you, end up in the spam folder. This can be frustrating and confusing for both parties and its been a common occurrence lately. Spam and Whitelist Management should be a topic of understanding and normal procedure moving forward.

How do I check my Spam and Whitelist Management?

We have some helpful information below on how to adjust your spam filters and modify your whitelist settings for some of the most popular email clients.

Why are my emails going to Spam or Junk folders all of a sudden?

Email marketing has grown in recent years but not in a completely positive way. More and more scams and fraudulent activity are happening online. Your personal information is being harvested, sold and shared to those looking to bring you curated messages for engagement and advertising purposes. However, this information is also privy to those with nefarious online motives. This advancement has led to tighter restrictions being enforced by the big dogs like: Microsoft (Yahoo & Outlook), iCloud (Apple) and Gmail (Google). Spam and Whitelist Management needs to be something that you look into now.

How do I avoid emails being placed in your Spam or Junk folder?

These three items are the basic steps taken in all of the procedures below. 

1. Add your most commonly communicated email addresses as a “contact” on any of these services. Doing this first step will add these addresses to your Whitelist.

2. Adjust your spam filter settings. This is per email client but once done shouldn’t require any additional maintenance.

3. Regularly Monitor your spam folder. Emails that are placed in your spam or junk folder are typically only held for a few days before being automatically deleted. Checking your spam and junk folder, for each mail client, on a regular basis should be a part of your normal routine. When an email appears in your junk or spam folder that shouldn’t be there you can select that message and mark it as “not spam”. In most cases the email will be immediately removed and placed into the Inbox.

Microsoft OutlookOutlook Email Process is now the hub for Hotmail, Live Mail and other Microsoft email products. 

Add people to your Safe Senders List via online web version of Outlook:

1. Select the Settings icon (gear icon)
2. Select View all Outlook settings
3. Select Mail
4. Select Junk Mail
5. Enter the sender email address
6. Select Add > Save

Mark an email as “not junk” in Outlook:

1. While in your Outlook folder list select the Junk Email folder and select the emails that shouldn’t be there
2. Right click the desired email and then select Mark as not junk.

Check blocked senders and safe senders list (check your whitelist and blacklist):

1. Select Settings > View all Outlook settings
2. Select Mail, and then select Junk email
3. If your see the senders address listed under the “Blocked senders and domains” select the address and then select Remove > Save

For more information on Outlook email Spam Filtering Settings please visit this Microsoft support pages:

GmailGmail Email Process

On a computer:

1. go to
2. At the top left corner, select Create Contact
3. Fill out the contact information and be sure to include their sending email address
4. Select Save in the bottom right corner

On an Android mobile device:

1. Open the Contacts app
2. At the bottom right, touch Add
3. Enter the contact name and email address
4. Make sure you save the contact to the correct account. Next to your email account, tap the Down arrow and then select the account that will receive the email messages you’re whitelisting.
5. When you’re finished touch Save

Mark an email as Not Spam:

1. Open the Gmail website:
2. On the left select Spam
3. Find and open the desired message
4. At the top of the page select Not Spam

Gmail spam filter rule creation:

1. Open the Gmail website:
2. In the search box at the top select the down arrow
3. In the From field and enter the sender email address
4. At the bottom of the search window click the Create filter
5. Select Never send it to Spam
6. Click Create filter

For more information on Gmail Email Spam Filtering Settings please visit this Google support page:

Yahoo LogoYahoo Email Process

1. Log into your Yahoo mail account, select Contacts icon
2. Select Add a new contact
3. Fill out the contact information and be sure to include their sending email address

Mark email as not spam from mobile device:

1. Log into your Yahoo mail in your mobile devices web browser
2. Touch the Sidebar Menu icon
3. Touch the Spam folder
4. Find and select the desired email
5. Touch the Move icon
6. Touch Inbox

Mark email as not spam from computer:

1. Log into your Yahoo mail with your web browser
2. Select the Spam folder (select more if not visible)
3. Open the desired email
4. Select Not Spam at the top of the page

Unblock an email address in Yahoo:

1. Select the Settings icon
2. Select More Settings
3. Select Security and Privacy
4. Hover over email address and then select the Delete icon

For more information on Yahoo email Spam Filtering Settings please visit this Yahoo support page:

or this wikiHow for a step by step guide:!-Mail

iCloudiCloud Email Process

1. Log into your account at, select Contacts, select the Add (+) button in the sidebar and then select New Contact
2. Fill out the contact information and be sure to include their sending email address
3. Select Done

Mark email as not spam on iOS mobile device:

1. Open the Mail app
2. Open the message in the Junk folder
3. Touch the folder icon at the bottom
4. Touch the Inbox to move the message

* this procedure will work for all accounts (yahoo/gmail) that are using your Mail app

Mark email as not spam on Mac:

1. Open the Mail app
2. Find or select the desired message
3. Select the Not Junk button in the Mail toolbar or simply drag the message to the Inbox in the sidebar

For more information on iCloud Spam Filtering Settings please visit this Apple support page:


In Conclusion

We hope that this small Spam and Whitelist management article helps to bring you resolve and understanding. If you are a business owner in need of email hosting, web hosting or eCommerce services please contact us!

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E-commerce payment system options

One of the many steps to taking your business online is deciding how to accept payments.

Selecting an E-commerce payment system for your website can seem overwhelming to some with several questions and concerns instantly coming to mind. Where do I go? Who should I ask? Here is some helpful information that should help align your path.

Type of Website platform

Do you know what framework your website is running on? When approaching a payment processor this is one of the first questions they will ask. WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Shopify are just a few of the available website platforms. If you are using an all-in-one inclusive option like Wix or Shopify then you will be encouraged to use their easy one-click payment processing “setup wizard”. Which is great for some but will come at a cost. If you are using a framework like WordPress or Drupal then the setup is more manual. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as you have already taken the more calculated, timely and customizable approach. Ultimately you are only able to interface a payment system that can provide a secure portal or a software plugin for your websites platform.

If you are just getting going or testing the market with an idea; going the easy and quick route might be the best option. But if you are selling more substantial amounts through your website it would be wise to explore your payment processor options.

Type of Business or Industry

Some ecommerce businesses might have a more difficult time finding and securing a payment processor due to their line of business. CBD, supplement companies and many others suffer from constant regulations and display requirements to ensure continued service with their payment system. Having a great web team at your disposal, like Skynet Solutions, can help you with these requirements and keep you in compliance. Losing a way to accept money, as a business, can be a death blow. 

Types of E-commerce Payment systems and which one to choose

There are many companies offering payment processing systems that are actually resellers. Skynet Solutions is one of those, please reach our if you need help selecting a payment processor for your website. So which one do you choose? Well, depending on the above items (website platform and industry) that may have already been answered!

Its always best to integrate your payment system with your website via a software plugin API if the option is available. This provides more control options directly from your websites admin section for things like refunds or additional charges.

This is what it ultimately comes down to: What is the percentage or rate are they going to take off of the top of your profits? This is a major factor that is surprisingly overlooked! There are often times details in the specifics that can affect and change this rate depending on your volume or other circumstances. In the event you are confronted with an “easy setup wizard” will you tell them no? Or will you explore your options first?

Read our most current blog on Payment Processing for more info here:…or-your-business

E-Commerce payment system processors

Payment Cloud – –

Square –

Paypal –

Stripe –


Need more help?

Please give us a call or shoot us an email if you are in need of any ecommerce website support.

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Why Do Hackers Target WordPress Websites?

As a business with an online presence, there’s a good chance that the security of both your data and your customers is one of your top priorities. And, even though you may not be convinced your website is large enough, you can as easily be the next victim as a multi-million dollar website that has countless users each day. But what makes WordPress websites a target for hackers? Continue reading to learn some of the common reasons.