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Shopify or WordPress WooCommerce?

The most common question most people looking to start an e-commerce site is: Which platform do I use? Shopify or WooCommerce?

Choosing the platform is the first and most daunting part of this process. On the flip side there are people currently on one platform and looking to make a switch to another. Skynet Solutions can assist you in either of these situations as well as advise on which platform to use for your business. In this write up I want to explore some reasons why Shopify might be your better bet over a WordPress WooCommerce website.

There are many variables to consider when starting this process. Many of which I might not shed light on, but I hope to touch on some of the more common instances. Shopify, to me, is like the Apple of e-commerce websites; everything is all there inside the walled garden. Unlike WordPress, creating a Shopify store is a fairly streamlined process that doesn’t require a checklist or reliance on previous web experience. Many of the tedious setup items associated with a WordPress WooCommerce website like, Analytics, Credit Card Processing, SSL, Hosting, Security and Design elements are presented to you in a much more simple selection process. You won’t need to hunt down how to do something or realize something should have been done in the beginning with Shopify. All of the standardized e-commerce web store items are available and more easily set up with a Shopify store.

The Shopify platform is designed to help raise you up with built in support and tools. This platform will grow with your business and allow for expansion all while keeping you within industry standards. Start your FREE, no credit card required, account today for 14 days.


Shopify offers live chat support and help within its developer community for advice on how to improve your store. Plenty of people have documented their processes so that you can fully take charge for your next store upgrade.


Shopify has many built in integrations that can easily be implemented in your store. Things like email marketing, abandoned cart marketing, Social media and custom applications are all readily available for setup. If you have a brick and mortar store with a POS system Shopify has you covered with their Point-of-sale integration option. With WordPress WooCommerce you will need to find, purchase/sign-up and setup individual providers for each of the items that I mentioned.


Shopify works great with mobile in mind. All available designs are built to work out of the box with mobile applications. Now this is the same as WordPress WooCommerce. However, this story changes if you are looking to run your store via a mobile device. Shopify has much better mobile usability when it comes to administrator access.

Hosting and SSL

Hosting and annual SSL certificates are all taken care of under the Shopify umbrella when you sign up. One less stress and additional cost to be concerned with is annual SSL and Hosting renewals as Shopify has these items built into their packages.


Google reCAPTCHA and other standard security measures are automatically included and setup with your Shopify store. Where as each and every one of these items will need to be sourced and setup with a WordPress WooCommerce website.

Choose Skynet Solutions as your Shopify Partner!

Skynet Solutions is a Shopify Partner that can help you setup a new Shopify store or help migrate you from an existing WordPress WooCommerce site. Contact us if you are needing to migrate an existing website or start your new Shopify account with a FREE 14 day trial (no credit card needed) by clicking the link above. Explore the available account options, see how things work and you could even start an initial store mock up.

I’ve reviewed most of the features that Shopify has and how those can help you create a great eCommerce web store. Going this route can be less complicated, more secure and great for mobile and social media. The Shopify process can potentially cost you more than a WordPress WooCommerce store but it might be worth it to you. I hope this helps you to determine your path and we look forward to helping with your journey!

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eCommerce Subscription Website Launch

eCommerce websites are our most valued product that we produce here at Skynet Solutions. We take great pride in providing people the means to start or grow their online business. And what a powerful thing it is to have and run and eCommerce Subscription website!

Recently Skynet Solutions helped another business get their boots on the ground with an eCommerce Subscription website for their CBD products. This model is a perfect fit for an audience looking to have a turn-key recurring purchase that is automated.

Skynet helped KAO Naturals develop and manage their new eCommerce Subscription website on a Woocommerce and WordPress platform. Coming from a shopify environment where every little thing costs another monthly fee, or doesn’t exist, they are now set up for sustainable financial growth. Taking control of their payment processing and being able to have the freedom to have specific software developed are only some of the benefits they were looking for. Shopify is great for a starting company or a small one person operation but not great for growing companies with continuous or growing revenue streams. Our custom website design allows KAO Naturals the ability to expand where they see fit.

If you currently use or looking into using CBD products please consider KAO Naturals for your next purchase. They are an American based company that also manufactures their products here in the USA. Its also great to do business with nice people – and KAO Naturals are a good bunch of people. Check their website out for more info and order today!

If you are needing eCommerce website design, creation or management please give us a call or contact us today. You can also view some of our previous work on our examples page.


Boost Your Sales With eCommerce Solutions

With the availability of internet flourishing worldwide these days, online shopping has taken on a new importance.  According to the most recent statistics, eCommerce is growing 23% each year; however, 46% of American small businesses do not have a website that accommodates online shopping. If you are looking to boost your sales, here are some of the ways investing in an eCommerce website can help you achieve your goals.

24/7 Shopping

While it’s hard to keep a brick and mortar store open 24 hours a day, selling your products through an eCommerce website ensures you are always open for business. No matter what your ideal customer’s schedule is, they will always be able to purchase your products online. This can also significantly cut down on overhead costs associated with opening a new retail location.

Expanded Reach

Unlike a local business, having your products online makes you discoverable by customers worldwide if you decide the shipping costs are worth it. If you have a product that the market is actively looking for but can’t find anywhere else, being at the forefront with the ability for your customers to purchase online is crucial. Don’t miss out on the potential sales you could be missing if you aren’t online!

Enhanced Marketing

Digital marketing allows business owners insights about their customers that might not otherwise be available to them. By having access to these analytics, you will be able to refine your marketing strategy to further boost sales through your eCommerce website. This means you create a lasting connection with customers that keeps your brand fresh and exciting.

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Does Your Small Business Need an eCommerce Website?

With the rise of online shopping, websites like Amazon and eBay have made having an online presence important for every business. While it can be beneficial for small businesses to have a local presence, creating an eCommerce website for their business can help expand their reach and increase their revenue. Think of your business goals and answer these key questions to determine if your small business needs and eCommerce website.

Do I Want To Expand?

You would be hard-pressed to find a small business owner that doesn’t want to increase their customer base and, in turn, get more money for their products or services. Creating an eCommerce website gives small business owners the opportunity to sell both nationally and internationally every minute of every day. This means that no matter where your customers are and if your brick-and-mortar store is closed, your business will continue to carry on.

Can I Meet Demand?

With more customers comes the need for more on-hand inventory. While having an eCommerce website for your small business can increase sells, if you don’t have the product on-hand to delivery to customers that want it, they will likely look elsewhere. Bottom line: make sure your business is able to meet the growing demand for your products if you plan on investing in an eCommerce website.

Does eCommerce Work For My Business?

If you aren’t selling a physical product it may not make sense to invest in an eCommerce website for your small business. However, what if you operate a service-based company and would like to create an online payment gateway for your customers to pay for services that have been rendered? If you need a way to take payments digitally, for physical products or services, you can likely find a solution with eCommerce.

Are You Looking for a Tulsa Web Design Firm?

Skynet Solutions is committed to providing the best web design services for Tulsa and all of Oklahoma. If you are ready to expand your web presence, redesign your existing website or enhance your digital marketing, we are here to help. You can fill out our contact form to get started today. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and LinkedIn!